Check out movie tips to watch this weekend

Check out movies from the Netflix catalog that are great suggestions for home cinema

The weekend is here, and for those who prefer a movie at home instead of ballads, we’ve selected a list of suggestions from the Netflix catalog of the most watched movies on the platform. From suspense, humor and drama, check out the tips.

an invisible man

A crazed tech mogul ends up faking his own suicide, he’s Cecilia’s (Elisabeth Moss) abusive ex, only she suspects it’s all a setup.

He uses his power to turn invisible and terrorize Cecilia. She managed to escape the abusive relationship with him, but now finds herself threatened again, but by an unseen entity.

Then begins Cecília’s battle to prove that she is being hunted by someone no one can see, but the police don’t believe her story, and that’s when she decides to solve it on her own.

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“Lou” is yet another action-adventure movie with drama. The film brings suspense and has Allison Janney in the lead role. The work tells the story of a mysterious and lonely woman who fights her ghosts when a current situation causes her to return to her dark past. One stormy night, Miss Vee is kidnapped, prompting her mother (Jurnee Smollett) to enlist the help of a mysterious neighbor (Allison Janney) to rescue her young daughter. In the search for the girl, the two women’s terrible secrets are revealed. A journey that puts the limits to the test.

The Telephone of Mr. Harrigan

The Telephone of Mr. Harrigan had to deal with the complexity of adapting books for film. The recently premiered film on Netflix adapts the story of Stephen King, a veteran of supernatural horror and thriller literature. In the plot, young Craig (Jaeden Martell) lives in a small town in New England. The teenager, one day, meets Mr. Harrigan (Donald Sutherland), a reserved elderly billionaire. Both nurture a friendship relationship, but everything changes when death arrives.

end of the road

The new thriller “End of the Road” tells the story of Brenda (Queen Latifah). It hasn’t been easy for her after the death of her husband and the loss of her job. Brenda no longer sees the point in staying the way she is, so she decides to take her family and travel across the country to find a new place to live. Only things can get worse and the trip ends up becoming a road to hell with a murder and a bag of money that disappears. Stranded in the New Mexico desert, Brenda finds herself in yet another challenge as a mysterious assassin appears who starts stalking every member of the family for no apparent reason, but Brenda surprises this psychopath in this game.

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