Dog breeds that require more care from their owners

A video recently went viral on the internet of a British veterinarian in which he gave dressage tips at home. In addition, the boy listed some breeds that generally have difficulty obeying when they are not trained. In this sense, we have separated some of the animals listed. Remembering that this does not make it impossible for you to acquire your favorite pet, just let you know about the specific care of some breeds. Check out!

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It is important to train these breeds to avoid future problems

If you want a pet but also don’t want to worry too much about them, here are some breeds to avoid.

Chow chow

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First on the list most cited by dressage experts is the Chow Chow. Although they have a cute appearance, if they are not well trained, they can cause complications for their owner, as they are temperamental.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The main characteristic of these dogs is the ease of getting sick, although they are sociable and playful. The most common diseases are heart. This aspect is not related to behavior, but to health alerts for your pet.


These are great dogs to have around the house, but they also need training. Another important point is related to a frequent disease that affects the animal spine with advancing age. So stay tuned and always take care of his health!

Shar Pei

What draws attention and makes the breed cute are their folds. However, taking care of your pet’s health is important, as they tend to present some health problems over the years.

Puppy with a flat face

This specific item doesn’t talk about a specific breed, but a characteristic of some that like bulldogs and pugs. We highlight this aspect, as it is related to respiratory diseases and frailty, which requires a lot of care attention. We present some of the puppies that need some special care. But remember, everyone, regardless of race, deserves your dedication and attention.

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