“Godzilla vs. Kong 2” gets synopsis and new protagonist, says website

Legendary Entertainment will continue the franchise “Godzilla vs. Kong” and foresees the release of the second feature of the giant monsters to March 15, 2024.

Also according to the portal “Collider”, the next production will bring to the big screen a greater threat than the events of the first film and will explore more deeply the origin of the defenders of planet Earth.

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“This film follows the explosive Godzilla vs. Kong showdown with an all-new cinematic adventure, pitting the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal threat lurking within our world that threatens the very existence of both – and humanity. The epic new film will delve deeper into the history of these titans, their origins and the mysteries of Skull Island, all while revealing the mythical battle that helped forge these extraordinary beings and linked them to humanity forever.”

Adam Wingard returns to the post of director and will feature the actor Dan Stevens (Legion) as a protagonist. Brian Tyree Henry and Rebecca Hall who were also in the 2021 feature, will live the characters again Bernie Hayes and Dr. Ilene Andrews.

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