How to disable PicPay card approximation payment?

Although there is no way to get the PicPay card closer, the feature is in the testing phase in the digital wallet. Know more.

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Following the trend of cards with contactless technology, which makes it possible to make payments without entering a password, PicPay Card also accepts this functionality. However, there are cases where people do not feel safe using this technology.

Given this, is it possible to disable the feature in the digital wallet application? Check below, how NFC works on the PicPay card and if it is possible to disable the function in the application.

In short, contactless technology is the functionality that is used to make contactless payments (so-called NFC). In other words, just bring your card closer to the reader of a compatible machine and wait until the purchase is confirmed.

At PicPay, payments of BRL 200 do not require a password. As a security measure, for purchases above this amount, you will need to enter the PicPay card password, even after hearing the NFC confirmation sound. The password will also need to be informed if the establishment does not have a machine with the technology.

Is it possible to disable NFC?

To date, it is not yet possible to withdraw payment by approximation of thePicPay card. By default, the feature is blocked on all broadcasts from thePicPay card until the first contactless purchase, when it is required to inform your password to release the technology. So, if you don’t want to activate the function, just keep using the 4-digit password.

In addition, PicPay’s press office explained to CanalTech website that: “The approach function is available for debit and credit. PicPay does not yet offer a solution to disable the function, but it is under development”.

So, although there is no way to get the PicPay card closer, the feature is in the testing phase in the digital wallet. That is, it should soon be available to users.

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