Jennifer Lawrence rules out roles in major franchises: “Too old”

don’t expect to see Jennifer Lawrence back to the big Hollywood franchises. Participating in the BFI London Film Festival [via Deadline]she explained why she should focus on independent projects going forward.

“Franchises are a lot of fun, but I couldn’t do one right now. I’m too old and fragile“, joked the 32-year-old star, who has already starred in sagas such as Hunger Games and X-Men.

More seriously, Lawrence characterized his return to the screen with Don’t Look Up and causeway as a “take back control” after the superstardom brought by the blockbusters and the Oscar (won by The good side of life).

“At that time, I felt like I had become a product. Every decision I made was really a group decision. I had no idea what a giant movie star was supposed to be, or what Katniss Everdeen was supposed to do next. When I think about those years today, I feel a loss of control.“, commented.

Lawrence’s upcoming projects include the comedy No Hard Feelingsco-starring by Matthew Broderick; and a meeting with Adam McKaydirector of Don’t Look Upin the true story-inspired thriller bad blood.

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