List brings together 9 platforms to find a HOME OFFICE job vacancy

Currently, the demand for remote jobs is growing every day. The so-called home office is becoming popular, especially due to the growth of opportunities in the technology area. In this case, the professional is free to work where he prefers, as long as he fulfills his duties.

The practice became popular mainly due to the social distance derived from the coronavirus pandemic, as many companies had to opt for the modality so they do not have to stop their activities. Check out some perfect sites for those who want to work from home below!

Check out several websites with several options for home office vacancies! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Websites to get a home office job

If you are looking for a remote job to work peacefully without having to travel, check out some websites that offer the modality for various areas of activity.

1) Remote

Currently, this is the largest curation platform for home office vacancies in the country. Through the website you can search for specific vacancies and check all the benefits before submitting your resume. Check out:

2) Remote Ok

Then, this platform offers various job opportunities for people all over the world who want to offer their services to large companies. It is also possible to filter the job options by the desired salary. Check out:

3) In Practice

This platform is primarily dedicated to people who want to sign up to help create educational content. In this case, registration goes until the 9th of October and, to participate, just access the website:

4) Crypto Jobs

In this case, professionals who know how to work with cryptocurrencies and blockchain can find a good job opportunity through the platform, which even informs the number of applications in each area. Check out:

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5) Black Vacancies

Furthermore, this is a platform entirely developed by the Black Money Movement (MBM), which seeks to hire black professionals and unite them with large companies. Incusive, it is possible to register both as an individual and as a company, offering opportunities. Check out:

6) Jobatus Brazil

In turn, this platform unifies several job opportunities across the country on a single site. In all, there are more than 630 thousand candidates and 261 thousand job offers in different areas, such as education, services, commercial, health, among others. Check out:

7) Arc Dev

This site, in turn, is exclusively for developers looking for job opportunities in the technology area. Here, professionals can have direct contact with thousands of companies and clients worldwide, expanding their range of activities. Check out:


Those looking for opportunities to freelance in the technology field can count on a Dev platform made by Dev. Thus, the user can set up his work schedule as he prefers, work from wherever he wants and for as long as he thinks best. Check out:

9) We Work Remotely

Finally, the platform offers opportunities to work from home for various areas, from copywriting to business, serving clients from all over the world. Some employers look for people from across the globe, while others focus on, for example, Latin America. Check out:

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