Lithuanian company sells ‘vagina flavor’ snack

A Lithuanian company piqued customers’ curiosity after creating a “vagina-flavored” snack.

According to Chazz, the brand responsible for the snack, the idea of ​​creating a snack with an unusual flavor is the result of an analysis of recent studies that show that millennials have sex less frequently than previous generations.

“Once you taste it, you’ll remember your wildest love adventures, your first love, and perhaps losing your oral virginity,” the company says in a publication on its website.

The product is intended for people over 18 years of age and is only shipped to Europe and the United States via the internet.

“It has a bit of a fishy smell, actually, but it tastes like shrimp. It’s delicious,” said one of the people who tasted the product in a publication on TikTok.

“They smell like potatoes. They’re very salty. They don’t taste like a vagina at all,” said another.

The company stated that the search for the ideal flavor was carried out by “five brave employees”, between men and women, and that field research in online forums (with the application of questionnaires) was also carried out.

The value of the unusual product is 9.9 euros (equivalent to R$ 50), almost five times more than the price of a “common” snack sold by the same brand.

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