Macron announces 100 million fund for Kyiv to buy military equipment

“VWe love to endow this fund with 100 million euros to start”which “will also allow us to work with the French defense industrial base”, he told the press in Prague, at the end of an informal summit of European Union (EU) leaders.

These funds will finance the purchase of “defensive weapons” such as those already delivered by France since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine in February, according to the head of state.

France has so far supplied Ukraine with 18 155 mm caliber Caesar cannons with a range of 40 kilometers, mounted on trucks, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, advanced armored vehicles (VAB), fuel, individual equipment and about 15 TRF1 caliber cannons 155 mm.

“There is a clear reaffirmed willingness to support Ukraine at this time of the war, to continue to help it with our budget support, with the preparation for reconstruction or with our military support”stressed Macron.

The French president also confirmed that France plans to deliver six more Caesar cannons — taken from an order from Denmark — to Ukraine.

“We are in discussions with our Danish partners to deliver the Caesars, but it is a discussion that has certain technical aspects and is being finalized,” he said.

“In any case, we are ready for it, we are ready to co-finance, which would allow us to deliver several units of this Caesar artillery system, which has shown its effectiveness in the field,” he added.

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