New Spider-Man character revealed in Madame Web’s action scene photos

A mysterious new Spider-Man character is revealed for Sony’s Madame Web, thanks to stunt photos with Dakota Johnson.

A new Spider-Man character is revealed in photos from the set of a Madame Web action scene. Sony’s Spider-Man universe began with Poisonin 2018, which grossed over $800 million worldwide and gave Sony the confidence to make more Marvel movies. Madame Web is one of several upcoming projects using Spider-Man villains and characters that the studio has access to. Dakota Johnson stars as Madame Web, but it’s not confirmed which version she will play from the comics. Other cast members include Sydney Sweeney, Emma Roberts, Adam Scott and Isabela Merced.

production in Madame Web has been in the works for the past few months, and filming has resulted in several behind-the-scenes footage from the film coming online. The footage showed the characters of Dakota Johnson and Adam Scott working as paramedics, while there were also glimpses of Emma Roberts’ pregnant character. some other Madame Web set photos have direct connections to Spider-Man, such as references to the Daily Bugle. Sony has not yet confirmed which universe Madame Web happens, as speculation suggests it could be a prequel to Sam Raimi Spider man films.

There are now some potential photos from the spoiler set of Madame Web floating online courtesy of just Jared. The photos show Johnson’s stunt doubles, O’Connor and Tahar Rahim in an action scene. While Madame Web appears to be injured, O’Connor’s character is shown fighting Rahim’s character, who is wearing a superhero costume. The black suit with red lining looks like a new version of Spider-Man’s suit, but it’s not confirmed who the new mystery character from the comics is.

Who is the Spider-Man character in the Madame Web Set photos?

Madame Web and Spider-Man in the MCU

These new Madame Web The set photos create a big question as to who this mysterious Spider-Man character is in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Speculation will certainly focus heavily on identifying who Rahim could be playing. A popular guess right now is Kaine Parker, a clone of Peter Parker. The costume isn’t an exact match for Kaine Parker, but Madame Web could make some changes to the costume and his comic book to fit him into the movie. There are also speculations Madame WebSpider-Man’s character is Ezekiel Sims, who has similar powers to Spider-Man. His turn to don the Spider-Man costume resulted in a very different look than what these photos present.

Given how secret the Madame Web production and the sheer number of Spider-Man-like characters in the comics, there are a lot of potential answers to who this Spider-Man character is. Sony may even combine multiple characters into one for the purposes of Madame Webhistory of the multiverse of. It probably won’t be clear who this Spider-Man character is in Madame Web is until the film approaches its release. Either way, it looks like he will be an antagonist in the movie.

Sources: Just Jared, BRMarvelNews

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