New update changes one of WhatsApp’s most used tools; check out the news!

WhatsApp is offering a new update to one of its most used features. It is a new modality for those who make video calls, through the application. The change provides for an improvement in the system, which can guarantee better utilization and user satisfaction, when they use it. In addition, there is an increase in the security of the function.

WhatsApp app owner Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the arrival of the new feature. Now, video calls will be able to count on a new form of use. According to the information released, the feature is still in the testing phase, and therefore, it should receive even more changes in order to improve the experience of those who use WhatsApp. So, if you, like most Brazilians, use the app, it’s worth understanding what the change is all about.

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New WhatsApp update

First of all, the messenger application is among the most used in Brazil. Currently, more than 140 million Brazilians have an account registered on the app. That is, it is a rather high number, considering the total population of the country. In this way, the resources are constantly being updated, in order to offer improvements to the millions of users.

So, now, the target tool of the changes is the option to make video calls in the application. Before, the number of people who could participate was totally reduced, which differentiated the application from others with the same resource, such as the Google Meet ( However, from the new use, in all, 32 users will be able to participate in the same call, simultaneously.

The feature caught a lot of attention from users. This is because the tool is now also used as a work modality. Therefore, the more practicality, the greater the use. In addition, calls will be protected with an encryption technology, which promises to ensure even more security for those who have the application downloaded.

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more news

In advance, the update on the number of people who can participate in a call is not the only one. A new feature is also available for the same tool, which aims to allow users to invite people to calls via a link, much like the groups in the app. So, for someone to join the call, just click on the received link.

In addition, Mark also stated that soon, it will be possible to schedule calls. That is, the user will be able to create a link, by scheduling a video call, setting a specific time and day, in order to facilitate communication even more. The technology aims to provide an optimal experience for users so that they can have more and more features, within a single application.

In addition, to use the new feature, like all the others, you must have an account on the messenger application. To do this, just perform the download from the app (, available for all operating systems. However, the new update is finalizing the test stages, which guarantees that soon, it will be possible to use the news.

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