Nubank guarantees that digital bank will not close

Since the Nubank announced the exit from the Brazilian stock exchange, many news about the digital bank began to circulate on the internet. One of them is that Nubank will close. But, according to the digital bank, this statement is nothing more than fake news.

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There was even one more aggravating factor in the last few days, with the problems registered in the Nubank application. Many Brazilians with money in the digital bank began to suspect that the closing could in fact be true news. Nubank has commented on the matter.

Nubank will or will it not close?

Rumors that the digital bank will close caused thousands of customers to run to social media to leave their opinion on the matter and seek more information about the news.

Many expressed concern about the risks of closing, especially those who have money in the digital bank. Keeping an eye on the topics discussed on social media, Nubank spoke out.

According to the digital bank, it’s all fake news. According to Nubank, fintech remains one of the largest in the country and has more than 65 million customers who trust the products and services offered by them.

Nubank said that it will not close and that, on the contrary, it has invested heavily in new resources and initiatives to expand the offer of financial services to customers.

In addition, he also said that the exit from the Brazilian stock exchange has no impact on the bank’s customers. And that investors are getting some investment migration options without any loss.

Regarding the problems presented in the application, Nubank regretted the failure and said that it works to resolve such situations so that services return to normal. He also said that the app showed a “temporary oscillation”, due to updates that were made and that normalization will be gradual.

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