Nubank limits new card type functions

In case you don’t know, it is important to mention that Nubank will not release another credit limit to which you adhere to the service.

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Nubank finally started releasing an additional credit card. Thus, little by little, the institution’s clients should begin to receive notification about the release of the resource. However, the additional credit card must not have all the functions of the cardholder. Below, understand all the details.

Announcement of Nubank’s new shared credit card

Since last Monday (03), Nubank customers began to receive a notification about the new shared card option. From this, it is possible to use more than one card, sharing the same credit. According to the institution, this functionality allows the customer to share the limit with more people.

However, the feature is gradually being released to its customers. Therefore, not every customer already has this benefit, as the company has this policy to protect customers from any unforeseen event that may happen. Precisely for this reason, Nubank has not yet officially released details about the novelty.

If you do not know how an additional card works, it is important to mention that Nubank will not release another credit limit to which you can subscribe to the service. That is, the same limit will be shared. From this, a parent can make an additional credit card for their child, for example.

Card will have limitations. Understand

Despite this novelty being long-awaited by Nubank customers, it is important to highlight that it will have limitations. That is, it will not be possible to enjoy the same benefits as the cardholder’s card.

Below, check out what it says in the terms of use:

“n) The Shared Card User will not be able to activate the “travel warning”, add to digital wallets, reissue the card or change the Shared Card configuration via application.”
“q) The Shared Card User will not be able to use it to recharge a phone in the application or pay a bill in the application with a credit card.”

From this, it is possible to see that the Nubank customer who requests an additional card will have to deal with the limitations mentioned above. And for now, it is not known if in the future, the company will release these functions.

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