Tech positions will grow the most in 2023; see attractive salaries

Find out which are the most in demand skills in 2023 in the area of ​​technology. If you work in the middle, you will want to know which positions will have the most openings and the best pay.

Even in the face of an uncertain economic and political environment, executives remain optimistic about the year ahead. As pointed out by a survey carried out by the Salary Guide 2023, 94% of entrepreneurs are more confident about the growth of technology positions and salaries in this area.

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Positions with the most vacancies

The jobs that will be in the spotlight and will certainly have the most job opportunities are those that are part of the technology sector, one that is constantly expanding. Here are the professions that will explode in 2023:

  • Solutions architect;
  • Tech Lead;
  • Generalist managers or IT heads;
  • Infrastructure professionals such as senior analysts, coordinators and managers;
  • Information security professionals (from experts to managers);
  • Back-end developer, full and senior;
  • DeVops/DevSecOps Professional;
  • RPA developer;
  • Full Stack, full and senior developer;
  • Product Owner;
  • Data Professional;
  • Front-End Developer (senior).

Positions with the highest salaries in the industry and technology

  • Infrastructure coordinator: ranging from BRL 11,550 to BRL 19,350 thousand.
  • Senior front-end developer: ranging from BRL 13,050 to BRL 21,900 thousand.
  • Information security coordinator: ranging from BRL 17,350 to BRL 23,750 thousand.
  • Specialist/Data Scientist: ranging from BRL 14,400 to BRL 24,100 thousand.

Technology related skills

Among the technical skills, there is a wide variation in the area of ​​specialization according to the course. What all fields have in common are agile methods and fluent knowledge of English.

Behavioral skills include the following: communication; self-management; interpersonal relationship; leadership; flexibility; hands-on/hands-on; management without losing technical characteristics.

Completion of this prediction for the future

Accepting the implementation of these new professional positions is not just following market trends, it is putting your company on a new level of production and competitiveness.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecast demystifies the replacement of human capital by technology, proving that the effect is exactly the opposite: more and more new roles will be filled by trained professionals, expanding the range of possibilities to be sought in this area.

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