The explosion in ‘work of the century’ that shakes Russians and tensions the war in Ukraine

Kerch bridge fire

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Kerch bridge fire damages Russian troop supplies in Crimea

The explosion, this Saturday (8/10), of part of a bridge built by Russia to link its territory with the Crimean peninsula – illegally occupied by the international community in 2014 – further tensions the new phase of the war in Ukraine. .

It is still unclear what caused the Kerch Bridge incident, but it caused fuel tanks on the tracks to explode and led to the collapse of a section of the structure.

The bridge, built by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is crucial for transporting Russian military equipment to its troops in Ukraine. Putin ordered an investigation into the blast, according to a Kremlin spokesman. And pro-Russian officials in Crimea said restoration work on the bridge could begin as early as Saturday.

The dramatic images of the burning bridge are a shameful symbol for Moscow, explains BBC Russia editor Steve Rosenberg. He explains that because of this, pro-Kremlin commentators are already urging the Russian government to react strongly against Kiev.

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