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October is the month that marks the halloween. Despite not being exactly a holiday celebrated here, it ended up gaining a little strength due to the numerous North American productions that arrive in the country. And even if it’s not our thing, many people end up celebrating Halloween, so with that in mind, CinePOP has selected five thriller movies available on Star+ to start getting into this macabre climate of the month. Check out!

The Wolf Behind the Door

Inspired by the case of Fera da Penha, this national thriller from the last decade features a fantastic performance by Leandra Leal, who plays Rosa, the mistress of a father whose only four-year-old daughter has disappeared. During the investigations to find the child, the delegate discovered this extramarital relationship and took statements from the three. The problem is that each statement brings an inconsistency. So, with the girl’s life at risk, the sheriff will have to race through time to solve the case and try to find out who the culprit is before something worse happens.

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Hell Girl

starring Megan Fox, this movie was sold in the wrong way. At the time, it was known as “the movie where Megan Fox takes her clothes off”. However, there is no explicit nudity and the story uses terror to address a very sensitive topic for society: sexual abuse. In the plot, Jennifer is a beautiful and popular school girl. After a disaster during a concert, she, beside herself, is taken by the band members to the hotel, where they would abuse her. However, she ends up being the victim of a satanic ritual, which causes her to be possessed by a demon thirsty for the blood of young people. Now, Jennifer’s body is used to terrorize teenagers with hormones at the surface.

a silent place

premiere of John Krasinski in the direction, a silent place takes place in a future where bloodthirsty aliens have invaded Earth and destroyed civilization as we know it. To make matters worse, these space assassins are extremely fast and sensitive to sound. So, in the face of this, a family from the countryside tries to survive in complete silence, while society collapses. But not making noise is an almost impossible mission, especially when you have small children and your pregnant wife is about to have the baby.


Film that consolidated the name of Jordan Peele as one of the most sought after in Hollywood today, Run! was also fundamental to this new wave of horror films that address social agendas. The plot follows a black boy who dates a white girl from the countryside. However, what appeared to be a perfect relationship soon becomes a nightmare when she invites him to meet her parents at the family farm. He resists a little, but eventually gives in. Due to the naturalization of racism in the US, the young woman fears that her boyfriend will suffer prejudice at his parents’ house, but he did not expect that the crowns were hiding a brutal scheme of human trafficking through a criminal technique of mental manipulation and surgical procedures. Now, if he wants to continue being who he is, the boy has to find a way to get out of there.

The Predator: The Hunt

Set in the USA during the 1700s, this thriller follows a young Comanche Indian girl, who is known in her tribe for not being very skilled in the art of hunting. However, she understands a lot about nursing and healing. So, she ends up being a good addition to hunting parties. The problem is that in the midst of the confrontation against colonists and wild animals, the group ends up in the crosshairs of the first alien of the Predator race to come to Earth to understand the hunting pattern of the main predators. So, in this ETs Vs Indigenous vibe, a bloody and epic hunt begins between technology and tradition to see who will emerge victorious from this clash.

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