What really happened between Marilyn Monroe and JFK? blonde fact check

Warning: The following article contains mentions of sexual assault.

Blonde features a scene addressing Marilyn Monroe and the alleged case of John F. Kennedy, but there’s more to their shared story told than the movie showed. Directed by Andrew Dominik (killing them softly) and starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, Blonde is a partially fictionalized account of the actress’ life and career until her death. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Monroe found success starring in films like 1953’s Niagara and Gentlemen prefer blondes. Her popularity continued to increase as she starred in several other projects such as How to Marry a Millionaire, The Prince and the Showgirl and Some like it hot. Monroe quickly established herself as one of the most popular artists in the entertainment industry.

As such, Marilyn Monroe has been one of the most discussed personalities in Hollywood, not only for her extensive career, but also for her struggles with substance abuse and her affairs with John and Robert Kennedy. His alleged relationships with the pair have been intriguing topics for decades, with multiple accounts supporting the rumor. Blonde addresses Marilyn Monroe’s life, career, and struggles with addiction through a partially fictional perspective. It also addresses her alleged affair with JFK (played by Caspar Phillipson, who also played Kennedy in the film starring Natalie Portman. jackie) in a now infamous scene.

Blonde has been embroiled in controversy due to its depiction of sexual assault and trauma, and the sequence centering on Monroe’s meeting with Kennedy has arguably become one of the project’s most criticized moments. The scene in question shows Marilyn Monroe being sexually assaulted by a character who, while unnamed, is clearly former US President John F. Kennedy. In addition to the controversy generated by the scene due to its graphic and exploratory character, Blondewhich carries an NC-17 rating, also opened up the question of how accurate its depiction of the dynamic between the actress and JFK was.

When did Marilyn Monroe and JFK meet?

Marilyn Monroe looking at a still from The Unheard Tapes Cropped

According to biographer James Spada, co-author Monroe: Your Life in Pictures (through People), the actress met JFK in 1954 after being introduced by Peter Lawford, actor and JFK’s brother-in-law. There is scant photographic evidence of the two together. In fact, perhaps the only available photo of them in the same room is the one taken by Cecil William Stoughton, an official White House photographer, who captured the meeting at a party hosted by Hollywood executive Arthur B. Krim in New York. (through Time). The photograph shows Monroe, JFK and Robert Kennedy, then the US Attorney General, talking to each other.

What we know about Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with the Kennedys

President John F. Kennedy

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s real-life story and her connection to the Kennedy brothers. While confirmed details about her relationship are scarce, there are reports from people close to Monroe that provide a somewhat understandable picture of what could have happened between the three of them. As James Spada told People: “[It] It was pretty clear that Marilyn had sex with Bobby and Jack.” 1993 by Donald Spoto Marilyn Monroe: The Biography (through Squire) stated that only four meetings between Monroe and JFK were confirmed between October 1961 and August 1962 (the month of his death).

While the nature of their encounters remains largely a mystery, the book describes a phone call that occurred from the actress to her masseuse, Ralph Roberts, which points to the possibility that the real Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy are indeed in a romantic relationship. however brief. According to Spoto’s book, the call took place in March 1962, during a party at singer Bing Crosby’s Palm Springs residence. Roberts claims the actress asked for advice on how to get a massage, after which Roberts allegedly spoke to John F. Kennedy on the phone:

“Marilyn told me that this March night was the only time of her ‘affair’ with JFK. Many people thought, after that weekend, that there was more to it than that. But Marilyn gave me the impression it wasn’t a big deal. event for any of them: it happened once, that weekend, and that was it.”

James Spada further stated when speaking to People that JFK ended his affair with Monroe, after which the actress appears to have gotten more seriously involved with Robert Kennedy. In the Netflix documentary The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: The Unheard TapesMonroe’s housekeeper Eunice Murray stated that “the Kennedys were a very important part of Marilyn’s life.” Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with them is said to have been strained leading to her death, however. Murray claimed that RFK was at the actress’ home on the day she died. According to the documentary, RFK had gone to end their relationship.

Former MGM hairstylist Sydney Guilaroff, who is said to have been a confidant to stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Monroe, shared details about the alleged meeting, stating that RFK went there to end their affair. According to his 1996 autobiography, crowned glory, Monroe called him at 9:30 pm to say that Robert Kennedy had threatened her. According to Guilaroff, Monroe was privy to many secrets, which she described as “dangerous.“Biographer Spada, however, said that the Kennedys were not involved in the actress’ death, something echoed by the Blonde end of the movie. This was supported near the end of Netflix The unreleased tapes by Anthony Summers, author of Goddess, The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroewho claimed to be convinced that Monroe was not killed.

Did the blonde depiction of the Marilyn Monroe and JFK story happen?


Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with JFK is largely shrouded in mystery. Confirmed details about their interactions are sparse or non-existent, so it’s not possible to say exactly how accurate. BlondeThe JFK scene is. However, the film is not intended to be a fully accurate exploration of Monroe’s career – as, in fact, that would be an impossible feat given the lack of transparent detail surrounding the duo’s backstory. As the film is based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates, Blondea fictionalized version of the Monroe story, BlondeThe film adaptation makes several changes to its protagonist’s life, often portraying moments that cannot be confirmed. The infamous JFK scene is one of them – which is part of what made it such a controversial element of the film.

Why Blonde’s Marilyn Monroe and JFK’s Changes Are So Controversial

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BlondeJFK’s JFK scene was understandably met with a significant amount of backlash due to its exploitative nature. The rest of the film takes the same approach to Marilyn’s life, exploring her through an exploratory lens that emphasizes graphic sexual and emotional violence rather than offering a holistic view of who she was, her accomplishments, and her career path. The actress’ emotional and physical struggles have been extensively covered in various media adaptations over the years. Portraying said suffering in the way done by Blonde – such as what was done with the Marilyn Monroe death scene and the JFK sequel – approached the complicated manner of the subject in a reductive way, which sparked controversy when the public saw it as an inappropriate way of highlighting the actress’ struggles. , especially through what appears to have been a fictional rape scene. Blonde seems to have tried to delve into the legend of Norma Jeane Mortenson more deeply than any previous piece of entertainment about her life, but her execution was flawed. As such, audiences naturally took issue with the film’s controversial decisions regarding its depiction of Marilyn Monroe.

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