WhatsApp is banning cell phones that have THESE programs

There are parallel apps that operate as WhatsApp clones. The problem is that using this type of program can get you banned.

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WhatsApp offers many features to its users. However, they are not always enough to satisfy the need for innovation that some people have. Because of this, there are several parallel apps that operate as messenger clones. The problem is that using this type of program can get you banned from WhatsApp. Below, check out the details.

What do WhatsApp clone programs offer?

In general, programs that limit WhatsApp offer a few different features. Users can customize fonts, colors, hide information more easily, or even use various unofficial tools.

However, if you don’t want to risk being banned from WhatsApp, it’s best to think twice before installing any of them. The official messenger is not compatible with clone programs, as the company claims on its FAQ page.

“WhatsApp does not support these apps because we cannot validate the security measures implemented by them.” In addition, the use of unauthorized tools can expose users’ privacy and put devices at risk.

Other reasons you might get banned

1. Inactivity

In short, if you go 120 days without using WhatsApp, the company closes your account. However, before doing so, the company notifies users before canceling.

2. Blocks in a row

If, for 24 hours, an account gains numerous blocks at the same time, WhatsApp can ban the person for good. If this occurs, the company allows the user to appeal.

3. Spam

Sending the same message to many contacts at once can set up spam. This is one of the most common rules that lead to a WhatsApp ban.

4. Fake News

In general, spreading fake news is the reason for WhatsApp to ban or block your account. However, to make this decision, the company needs to receive many complaints from other people.

5. Offenses

In addition, offending other users and using words prohibited by the company can also lead to the person’s permanent ban.

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