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If you’re looking for a basic smartphone between R$1,000 and R$1,200, the Moto G52 and Galaxy A13 devices are available in stores. But in the end, which one is the better choice? Find out in our review below and make your best choice!

Screen & Construction

Starting this duel, we’ll talk about the screen part. Both the Moto G52 and the Galaxy A13 feature 6.6-inch screens with FHD+ resolution. However, Motorola’s smartphone features an OLED panel that reproduces more vibrant colors compared to the competing model’s LCD.

Speaking of construction, both include plastic rear trim. Quite common for devices in this price range. However, the Moto G52 gets the better of it here because it has a water-repellent layer, which protects the device on rainy days. In addition, Motorola took more care in the design with its metal side.

Performance & System

In terms of performance, the Moto G52 is equipped with a Snapdragon 680 processor. The Galaxy A13 has an Exynos 850 chip, a much more outdated chip. In practice, the Motorola smartphone will better serve those looking for a gaming smartphone, as it scored 248562 points in AnTuTU against 138053 for the competitor. In addition, it is worth noting that both have 4GB/128GB of RAM and storage.

We have many differences in terms of operating system. Although both come with Google’s Android 12 system out of the box, both are fully UI-wise. Thus, it is up to each one to choose which one identifies more.

Resources & Audio

About extra features, only the Moto G52 has the NFC feature, which serves to make payments with the smartphone. In addition, only Motorola’s cell phone has a standard screen recording feature, something that the competitor will only be able to do with the help of third-party apps.

In terms of audio, the Moto G52 has the upper hand again as it only has two audio outputs. As a result, Motorola’s smartphone will deliver higher sound quality for those who enjoy games and videos on their cell phones.

Cameras & Battery

In the camera department, the Galaxy A13 is equipped with an 8MP front lens capable of recording videos at up to 1080p. The Moto G52 has a more powerful 16MP lens that also captures videos with the same resolution as the competitor. Practically speaking, Samsung’s smartphone still managed to outperform its competitor in most scenarios, since only it supports HDR mode.

Moving to the rear, both models feature 50MP main cameras. In good lighting scenarios, the Moto G52 takes better photos. However, the Galaxy A13 achieves better results in low light situations.

Finally, we’ll talk about battery. Both have a 5,000 mAh battery, but Motorola packs a 33W charger against the Samsung model’s 15W. In addition to charging faster, the Motorola model also delivers better battery life in daily use. Therefore, in terms of battery, the Motorola cell phone is again the best.

Which one to buy?

After considering the above points, which of the two models is more worthwhile? As seen, the Moto G52 won in almost every aspect, losing only in some results on the cameras. Therefore, the Moto G52 is the big winner in this comparison.

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