With movement and dance steps, customers help supply music house in the United Kingdom | Energy and Science

The establishment’s owners say this new technology will allow them to completely disconnect their gas boilers from the site, reducing their carbon emissions by around 70 tonnes of CO2 a year.

“When you start dancing, at medium tempo, to the Rolling Stones or something, you could be generating 250W,” said David Townsend, founder of geothermal energy consultancy TownRock Energy, which designed the system, called bodyheat, in an interview with BBC News. “But if you have a big DJ making everyone jump up and down, you can generate 500-600W of sustainable thermal power,” he added.

SWG3 director Andrew Fleming-Brown told the Glasgow Times that installing the system was a gamble, but the site was committed to achieving “zero” carbon emissions by 2025. “Somebody has to make the investment first,” he said. he, “but I hope it pays off in time”, cheers the businessman.

After three years in the manufacturing process, the thermal heating and cooling system cost just over £600,000. “To put it in perspective, if we were to go a more conventional route with typical air conditioning, the costs would probably be about 10% of that,” Fleming-Brown said. But the savings in energy bills will make the investment recoupable in about five years, depending on costs, he hopes.

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