Wonder Woman 3 gets an exciting update

Production on Wonder Woman 3 may be close to starting, as director Patty Jenkins teased.

During a chat on Matera Film Festival, Jenkins revealed that the script for the film has already been finalized, and assured that people will like what comes next.

The director also said that when she finished working on the film, she had the idea of ​​a plot for an eventual wonder woman 4.

There is a story that runs through these three different films as a whole. Right now, last week, I wrote the final scene of Wonder Woman 3 and thought I might be interested to see what happens next. Then you will never know. They asked us to think of ways to do more, and it accidentally happens. But you will never know. I have a bunch of other movies that I’m excited to do too. But I love Gal Gadot, so that helps too.” – Said Jenkins.


Thus, it is safe to say that the production of wonder woman 3 has full conditions to be started between 2023 and 2024, so Warner Bros. Discovery authorize.

In fact, the authorization does not seem to be an obstacle, because as even the director said, the Warner has encouraged her to think about making more films in the franchise.

For now, we only know that wonder woman 3 will take place in the present day.

Lynda Carter will play Asteria in the film, after a cameo in Wonder Woman 1984.

Latest movie in the franchise, Wonder Woman 1984 is available in the national HBO Max catalogue.

The film follows Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in 1984, during the Cold War, coming into conflict with two great enemies – media entrepreneur Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and friend-turned-enemy Barbara Minerva/Cheetah ( Kristen Wiig) – while reuniting with her love interest Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

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