yet another app that surrendered to the TikTok style; understand!

There is no denying that the TikTok ended up becoming one of the biggest enemies of social networks, and the actions of Twitter are the last proof of that fact. That’s because Twitter has added new features to expand video content within its platform. In this sense, the blue bird social network is adjusting its player so that users can check out their videos in full screen, following the same steps taken by the TikTok and Instagram platforms.

Apparently, we will continue to view thumbnail videos; however, by double-clicking, an “interactive multimedia viewer” is enabled. You can check in the image below that the number of comments, retweets and likes will still be displayed. If you want to return to the previous page, just click on the icon located on the upper left side of the screen.

However, it is necessary to remember that this new adaptation is not yet available for all users of the application, only for some. That’s because the tool is still undergoing evaluation, so only users who have iOS devices in English can have access to the new feature.

In addition, Twitter is also running tests regarding an “infinite timeline”, where you swipe between videos without a full stop, not to mention there will be a private version of “For You”.

When this is applied, in the “Explore” tab, there will be a new section of content that will be very similar to a parallel feed, where only videos will be recommended – a characteristic very similar to the adaptations carried out on TikTok and Reels (Instagram) platforms. .

The arrival of these new features on devices that have the Android operating system is expected to happen in the coming days.
But while it still doesn’t arrive, we’ll have to wait.

Talks between Elon Musk and Twitter continue

According to the information made available, last Thursday (610), the lawyers of billionaire Elon Musk asked the Court to close the process started against Musk to force him to acquire the Twitter company, as he had decided that he would continue the purchase.

Musk had sent a letter to Twitter on Monday (10/3), stating that he would abide by the terms of the company’s purchase agreement as long as the initially proposed price of $54.20 per share held, resulting in a total of US$ 44 billion. In response, Twitter claimed that it is willing to complete the sale.

And then, comment below what you think of this new update made by Twitter; Will users really like it? Share your opinion with us and don’t miss out!

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