10 most pirated movies of the week (09/10/2022)

The month of Halloween has barely begun and the list of most pirated movies of the week has already been taken by horror titles. Of the 10 films that appear in the ranking that Canaltech does every sunday to keep you well informed, 6 are unreleased and all are horror to some extent.

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Mixing horror with true crime, science fiction and even supernatural, it has a little bit of everything for fans of the genre to enjoy. And it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for reboots of iconic franchises from the past or want to watch something new, made by one of the studios that’s been betting on horror today, there’s an option on the most pirated list for you.

And, of course, the crown for the most pirated film goes to one of these films. Long awaited, he revives one of the most iconic characters of the 80s cinema of the genre, bringing him in a new guise that is being hotly debated. Curious to know what movie this is? Then see the full list of this week’s most pirated movies.

10. Vesper


From heaven to hell, Vesper it was last week’s most pirated movie and now only ranks tenth in our ranking. And this downfall can be explained by the timing: although it is a great sci-fi title, the title paved the way for countless horror titles, in the spirit of the month of Halloween.

Vesper tells the story of a 13-year-old girl who struggles to survive with her paralyzed father on a devastated Earth. In the midst of so many difficulties, she meets a mysterious woman who teaches her how to use biohacking, her intelligence and strength to fight against everything that comes up against.

9. Thor: Love and Thunder


In its third straight week of collapse, Thor: Love and Thunder dehydrated and lost more space in the ranking of most downloaded movies. And this can be explained by the simple fact that the film is not all those things, even though it has the Marvel seal of quality.

Betting on a more blatant comedy and less on creating connections with other MCU films, the great highlight of love and thunder it is precisely the return of Natalie Portman as a character ready to fight anyone and capable of wielding Mjolnir.

8. No! Do not look!


After the resounding debut of Run! and the intriguing Wedirector Jordan Peele is back with No! Do not look!his new feature that tackles uncomfortable and necessary issues the way only he knows how.

And all you need to know is that, this time, the director bets on a space plot full of twists that will make your head explode. There are so many possibilities for interpretations that the film has been very successful in the world of piracy for a few weeks now.

7. Hungry Eyes: Rebirth


The fourth title in the franchise Hungry eyes, Rebirth It fell early into the hands of the pirates on duty. Now, the story revolves around a Festival of Horror in Louisiana and focuses on Laine, who is forced by her boyfriend to embark on this adventure even though she is not a fan of the genre.

And even before the festival starts, she starts having premonitions and visions about the town’s past and the so-called Legend of the Creeper. If that’s not enough to believe that it’s going to go really bad, we don’t know what else is needed.

6. The Visitor


If Blumhouse is involved in a horror movie, that’s usually a sign of quality. And it seems to have been precisely this thought that led many people to illegally download The Visitor and place it as the sixth most pirated of the week.

The film’s plot follows a couple who are returning to their hometown in search of a fresh start. But things start to get weird when Roberto discovers a picture of a man just like him and becomes obsessed with finding out who that person is. He just didn’t know that where this man goes, death follows him.

5. The Inhabitant


Another horror movie debuting on the most pirated list, The Inhabitant has drawn public attention for being based on the real case of Lizzie Borden, who became known for murdering her father and stepmother with an axe.

However, instead of focusing on Borden, the film takes place in a small town where supernatural events reveal the truth about Tara Haldon. A descendant of the assassin, the girl lives tormented and trapped in paranoid visions and schizophrenia as a wave of murders ravages the region.

4. Significant Other


He guesses? Yes, another horror movie on this week’s most pirated list. Proving that you can mix the genre with anything, Significant Other crossovers with science fiction to tell the story of a couple who had the brilliant idea of ​​backpacking to a remote place.

The problem is that this backpack literally boils down to taking just one backpack. As if that wasn’t enough cause for concern, soon the couple begins to wonder about the direction things are taking and suspect that someone is lurking there.

3. Bullet Train


Bullet train marks Brad Pitt’s return to action cinema, and that’s reason enough for the film to be the third most pirated this week. But more than the actor in the cast, the title has an equally compelling and intriguing plot.

It all takes place inside a bullet train that departs Tokyo and carries a handful of passengers with very unusual stories. The focus is on Ladybug, an unlucky assassin who wants to complete his last mission as smoothly as possible. He just didn’t expect that he would face rivals from all corners of the world on that train.

2. A Very Lucky Girl


Proving that it’s one of Netflix’s top releases this October, A very lucky girl it has already fallen on the net and is the second most pirated film of the week. It’s also no wonder: the film mixes horror with true crime to tell the story of a successful woman who sees her life fall apart because of a documentary.

Invited to participate in a production of the type for having witnessed a trime when she was a teenager, this woman relives all the traumas she thought she had left behind.

1. Hellraiser


And if this week’s list of most pirated films is filled with horror titles, the top of the ranking couldn’t be from another production than Hellraiser. Newly released on Hulu, the movie hit torrent trackers and the pirates are having a blast.

By itself, the film already draws a lot of attention, bringing a new look to the 1987 classic inspired by the work of Clive Barker. But the big draw is Pinhead, the leader of the Cenobites now played by Jamie Clayton. A very interesting restart for the franchise that makes room for new sequels. Horror fans will thank you.

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