Actor Ray Buffer accused of robbing comic book store

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the american actor Ray Bufferknown for small stakes in Bullet train, Curb your Enthusiasm and American Gigolo has just been accused of stealing a sum of $600 in comic booksin a store specializing in the San Diego branch.

According to an article published by the Entertainment Weeklythe theft took place in Southern California Comics and the images of the action were captured by the security cameras of the place. When the actor was identified, the store gave him the option to return the stolen material or else they would contact regional police.

Buffer responded to the contact saying that “I was being harassed“, but the store has already filed a report with the San Diego Police Department. Jamie Newbold, the store owner, also said that it is not the first time that Buffer has committed this type of crime. He said that another store, the Metropolis Comics of Los Angeles, was also targeted by the actor, and claims to have recordings that prove his claims.

Security camera footage captures the moment when Ray Buffer stole comics.

So far, the San Diego Police Department did not comment on the case. When questioned by EWthe actor also did not speak, although videos released by Southern California Comics show the moment when he puts several issues under his shirt.

Buffer has had small roles (mostly uncredited) in several series, such as Curb your Enthusiasm, American Gigolo and White Famous. In cinemas, he played a Russian henchman in Bullet trainmovie starring Brad Pitt, bad bunny, Joey King and Sandra Bullock.

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