Apple Watch explodes and user ends up in hospital

An Apple Watch Series 7 user reported that their device overheated, started to smoke and even exploded, according to the report. 9to5mac. The incident caused damage to the sofa, but no injuries were reported. Still, the owner of the device went to the hospital for fear of having been contaminated by lead, which is unlikely to happen.

When he noticed that his smart watch was hotter than usual, the user noticed that the back of the product was cracked. In addition, watchOS warned of the need to turn off the device. The next day, the heat had broken the screen of the device, which began to smoke and then exploded.

The smartwatch owner reported the whole thing to Apple, via phone service. The company said that the case would be analyzed, but did not explain the explosion of the Apple Watch Series 7 or when it was contacted by the report. 9to5Mac.

What to do if the Apple Watch overheats?

Apple Watch works perfectly in temperatures between 0°C and 35°C and can be stored between -20°C and 45°C. The Ultra version can reach up to 55o C on. The device must not be exposed to the sun for a long time or placed in a car on hot days.

(Source: 9to5Mac/Reproduction)(Source: 9to5Mac/Reproduction)Source: 9to5Mac/Reproduction

The rise in temperature can reduce battery life, increase charging time, screen dimming and lack of cell phone connection, which prevents making and answering phone calls.

To alert the user of a temperature outside the tolerated level, the Apple Watch displays a red thermometer. The device must be removed immediately from the wrist and disconnected from the charger. The device will turn off for a few seconds and after the temperature drops, it will turn on again.

Will my Apple Watch explode?

The reader need not worry. At the time of the explosion of the device, the ambient temperature was around 20O C. Therefore, the explosion of an Apple Watch is unlikely and very rare to happen.

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