Arnaldo Ribeiro: ‘Do you know why Botafogo is good as a visitor? Because he plays in boom, only aerial ball, with 15 guys behind’

O Botafogo is the second best visitor in the Brazilian Championship-2022, won the last four away games, including over São Paulo, by 1-0, this Sunday, for the 31st round, in Morumbi. However, to criticize the technicians Rogerio scene and Fernando Dinizthe commentator Arnaldo Ribeiro made a strange statement and not consistent with the alvinegra campaign, in an attempt to praise.

Do you know why Botafogo is good as a visitor? Why is it the best after Palmeiras? Because he plays in a bitch, just aerial ball, with 15 guys in the back, let’s go, let’s go earn point. That’s how Luís Castro did it. He doesn’t attack without being like that, he has a free-kick in the midfield and shoots in the area. So you get points. It’s the weapon. When he wants to propose a game on his field, he loses. Is Luís Castro’s work bad? It depends on the current circumstance and what we have. That’s how he can get to Libertadores. Is it ugly, is it shame? Is not. “It’s raining, I’m going to put on a third defender, I’m going to cross in the area and damn it”. The strategy is according to the limitation of the team and period – defined Arnaldo, in the podcast “Posse de Bola”, from “UOL”.

On his channel “Arnaldo e Tironi”, Arnaldo Ribeiro, who also valued Botafogo fans, analyzed the match and complained about the penalty in Tche Tche.

Despite not having suffered much, having controlled the game in quotes, São Paulo was not aggressive, dangerous, did not create great chances. And in the end, he suffered a very controversial penalty goal, that thing, but the team is so lax, the thing is so fragile that it has no condition to claim a penalty against itself at home at the end of the game. A pull by Leo in Tchê Tchê, who manages to finish, if it was another club, maybe it would be making a revolution. São Paulo doesn’t even have that strength, the board is weak – said Arnaldo, who at the beginning of the championship classified Botafogo as a candidate for relegation.

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