Coritiba uses Couto’s strength and Manga’s talent to breathe in Serie A

Coritiba overcame the difficulties and managed to beat Bragantino, by 2 to 1, this Sunday (9), at Couto Pereira, for the 31st round of the Brazilian Championship. The victory comes at an important moment, as Alviverde struggles to escape the relegation zone.

Coxa had to reinvent itself early on in the match, because Warley was sent off with less than five minutes into the game, after a violent entry into Sorriso.

With ten players on the field, Alef Manga was the name of the duel and pushed the team forward, trying to minimize the effects of the expulsion. At 11 minutes, the striker entered the area, dribbled the marking, covered the goalkeeper Cleiton and opened the scoring with category.

But Coritiba’s numerical fragility was taken advantage of by the rival. In the 26th minute, Popó dribbled Cástan, advanced and sent it to the goal. Then, at 38, Artur got to swing the nets again, but he was offside.

With the score tied and needing to win at all costs, Coxa came back from the break even more offensive. With rehearsed plays, the team held Bragantino and expanded, based on race and support from the stands.

In the 12th minute, Alef Manga was again crucial. The striker saw Bruno Gomes in the area and made the pass. The steering wheel received and hit the corner of the goal.

Massa Bruta even tried to sketch a reaction, but didn’t know how to work with the advantage of having one more player. With the result, Coxa rises to 15th position, with 34 points. In the next round, the team faces Athletico, on Sunday (16), at Arena da Baixada, at 19h.

31st round

Coritiba 2×1 Bragantino

coritiba: Gabriel; Nathanael (Matheus Alexandre), Chancellor, Luciano Cástan and Rafael Santos; Bruno Gomes (Juan Díaz), Trindade (Guillermo de los Santos) and Boschilia (Bernardo); Alef Manga (José Hugo), Fabricio and Warley. Coach: Guto Ferreira

Bragantino: Cleiton; Raul, Realpe, Nathan and Ramon (Luan Cândido); Jadsom Silva (Eric Ramires), Lucas Evangelista and Hyoran; Arthur, Popó and Sorriso. Coach: Mauricio Barbieri

Place: Couto Pereira.
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel.
assistants: Alex dos Santos and Gizeli Casaril.
goals: Alef Manga (CFC), Popó (BGT) and Bruno Gomes (CFC).
Red card: Warley.
yellow cards: Jadsom Silva (BGT) and Lucas Evangelista (BGT).

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