Court seizes Romário’s property in Rio for debt with Dunga

The Federal District Court ordered the attachment of a property belonging to Senator Romário to guarantee the payment of a debt in a lawsuit against Dunga, who was his companion in the fourth championship of the Brazilian team, in 1994.

The decision is in August and was granted by Judge Flavio Leite, who gave Romário’s lawyers 15 days to challenge the attachment. The magistrate highlighted that the property already has another attachment and still an unavailability of goods. The apartment is located in Irajá, a neighborhood in the north of Rio de Janeiro.

The column sought out Romário to comment on the process, but did not receive a response until the publication of this text. The report will be updated if the senator manifests.

The debt is R$ 93 thousand, but the amounts are outdated and already exceed the mark of R$ 120 thousand, if updated. The debt refers to the payment of fees for a lawsuit that Romário opened against Dunga, but lost and was ordered to pay the court costs.

The attachment was initially published by the website Notícias da TV and confirmed by the column. The lawsuit between Romário and Dunga had already been reported by the UOL in 2019.

Roommates in the World Cup dispute, Romário and Dunga became disaffected in recent years have been fighting in court since 2017, but the scuffle began two years earlier, when the former striker gave an interview to the newspaper “Gazzeta dello Sport” saying that there was ” interests behind” in the calls of the then national team coach.

“Dunga is my friend, but it’s not his time. The best are no longer called up, there are interests behind”, declared Romário at the time. “Have you seen the summons? They all belong to businessmen who profit from summons. It is evident to everyone”, added the senator.

Dissatisfied with Romário’s statement, Dunga filed a complaint with the Senate’s Committee on Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum, in April 2016. Dunga also filed a criminal complaint with the Federal Supreme Court (STF) for the senator to answer for injury and defamation.

The complaints were shelved by the Senate and STF because Romário had parliamentary immunity. Romário, in turn, considered that he was morally offended by Dunga in the Senate and STF and filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court of Justice, in 2017, for moral damages.

The court ruled that Romário’s request at first instance was unfounded. The value of the action registered by Romário was R$ 500 thousand. In addition to rejecting the senator’s lawsuit, the Court ordered Baixinho to pay the fees, set at 16% of the value of the lawsuit, plus corrections.

Romário’s defense appealed, but the decision was upheld in the 2nd instance. Currently, it is in the execution phase.

In 2019, the Court of Justice-DF even ordered the blocking of 20% of the salary of a senator from Romário for the month of November 2018 to pay the amounts related to procedural costs. BRL 2,210.05 was withheld until the decision fell. Afterwards, the former striker even had amounts blocked in his accounts.

*Collaboration with Peterson Renato

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