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Cruzeiro lost to Sport, this Sunday, at Ilha do Retiro. The result took away the team’s chance to conquer one of the records of Série B. The team was left with 72 points and, with 12 remaining in dispute, it manages to reach, at most, 84 points. Thus, it will not reach the mark of 85 points conquered by Corinthians when it played in the competition.

Best moments: Sport 3 x 1 Cruzeiro for the 34th round of Serie B

Best moments: Sport 3 x 1 Cruzeiro for the 34th round of Serie B

However, if they win the remaining four games, Cruzeiro can match a mark of the São Paulo team. There will be 25 victories, the same number of Corinthians in 2008. After confirming the title “from the sofa”, the club drew against Ituano and lost to Sport.

Geovane Jesus, from Cruzeiro, is surrounded by the Sport scorer — Photo: Rafael Vieira/AGIF

The defeat also took away the possibility of Cruzeiro joining Corinthians and Portuguesa as the team with the fewest defeats in a dispute. This was the fourth celestial setback in the championship, one more than the record set by the Paulistas.

Paulo Pezzolano had commented, after the tie at Mineirão, that the biggest challenge in the final stretch was the motivation of the players. With title and access guaranteed, the Minas Gerais team has been playing “without responsibility” since round 32.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

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The speech, both from the coach and the players, was always to try to maintain the footprint that led the club to conquer the access and most anticipated title in Serie B history. However, on the field, the results left something to be desired.

"I didn't even remember what a defeat was like anymore", says Fernanda |  The Voice of the Crowd

“I didn’t even remember what a defeat was like anymore”, says Fernanda | The Voice of the Crowd

The Fox still hasn’t won after confirming the title. The team will try to win three points again next Friday, at 8:30 pm, against Vila Nova, in the capital of Goiás. The game, as well as against Sport, will be away from Mineirão.

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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