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From the boos and shouts of “donkey” (unprecedented in the coach’s current passage) to the short answers at the press conference. Fernando Diniz did not hide his dissatisfaction not only with the result, but mainly with the performance of Fluminense in the 2-0 defeat to América-MG, last Sunday at Maracanã (see the best moments in the video below).

Fernando Diniz angry during Fluminense vs América-MG — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

If externally the technician showed signs of his indignation, internally he insisted on fully exposing it. The ge found that the locker room after the match was a strong charge on the part of Diniz, who gathered the players and raised the tone by demanding greater commitment for the team to be able to surrender in his style.

Hot-headed during the scolding, the coach, who is in the last months of his contract and is already negotiating a possible renewal, would have hinted to the group that he could interrupt the work if he can no longer make the team evolve.

Best moments: Fluminense 0 x 2 América-MG, for the 31st round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: Fluminense 0 x 2 América-MG, for the 31st round of the Brasileirão 2022

There were no arguments or replies from the players, who understood the charge and assumed their share of the responsibility, although they also recognized that no other team had marked Fluminense as well as América-MG did. Unlike other jobs in which Diniz was labeled as losing the locker room, at Tricolor the cast leaders remain closed with the coach.

Diniz also traveled on Sunday night to São Paulo, where he will spend the day off with his family, and because of the trip there was a request from the club’s press office for the questions to be kept short in the interview. And so were the coach’s answers in a lightning press conference that lasted three minutes and 17 seconds. But some phrases got the message across well, such as:

– It was the attitude of América-MG and the lack of attitude that our team had.

– You have to feel ashamed because we would have to do a lot more than we did.

– The players who most want to play will play.

See Fernando Diniz's press conference after Fluminense 0 x 2 América-MG

See Fernando Diniz’s press conference after Fluminense 0 x 2 América-MG

In the mixed area of ​​the stadium, only Samuel Xavier passed by to speak with the press. One of the most experienced of the squad, the right-back was asked about Diniz’s phrases at the press conference and minimized the tone, arguing that the coach also demands them in victories. And he assured that the squad and coach are closed:

– Not because we have three defeats, but Diniz demands us even in the victories. He’s been charging us a lot. He had games that we won, and even then there were very serious conversations, very tough demands. So there’s nothing about Diniz against us, nor about us against him. On the contrary, we are united and have to go through this moment together. Not only moments of victory, joy, but bad moments too. The teacher is with us. So there’s no big deal, there will always be demands at Fluminense – minimized Samuel Xavier.

"The indifference of the fans is what Fluminense deserved today", says Gabriel |  Voice of the crowd

“The fans’ indifference is what Fluminense deserved today”, says Gabriel | Voice of the crowd

After the third consecutive defeat, Fluminense stopped at 51 points and left the G-4: it is now in fifth place. The tricolor cast will have the second and Tuesday off and will show up again on Wednesday morning at CT Carlos Castilho. The team returns to the field next Sunday, when it visits vice-lantern Avaí, at 19:00 (Brasília time) in Ressacada, for the 32nd round of the Brazilian Championship.

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