For the clowning to be complete, the São Paulo payroll leaked

Morumbi’s “clown” could not have had a worse outcome. On a rainy afternoon, São Paulo lost at home to Botafogo and deepened their internal crisis.

Baby, the president of the Independent fans, organizer of the protest that encouraged people to wear a clown nose in the stands, leaked a list that details the club’s entire salary sheet.

The board did not confirm or deny the veracity of this list. Check out:

Jandrei: BRL 300 thousand

Felipe Alves: BRL 100 thousand

Thiago Couto: BRL 80 thousand

Diego Costa: BRL 200 thousand

Arboleda: BRL 400 thousand

Nahuel Ferraresi: BRL 250 thousand

Leo Pele: BRL 280 thousand

Miranda: BRL 650 thousand

Luizão: BRL 40 thousand

Lucas Beraldo: BRL 40 thousand

Walce: BRL 40 thousand

Reinaldo: BRL 550 thousand

Wellington: BRL 80 thousand

Igor Vinícius: BRL 250 thousand

Rafinha: BRL 550 thousand

João Moreira: BRL 40 thousand

Gabriel Neves: BRL 260 thousand

Rodrigo Nestor: R$ 130 thousand

Andrés Colorado: BRL 280 thousand

Luan: BRL 100 thousand

Patrick: BRL 600 thousand

Nikão: BRL 600 thousand

Galoppo: BRL 450 thousand

Igor Gomes: BRL 100 thousand

André Anderson: R$ 150 thousand

Pablo Maia: R$ 80 thousand

Talles Costa: BRL 40 thousand

Éder: BRL 700 thousand

Marcos Guilherme: BRL 300 thousand

Calleri: BRL 800 thousand

Luciano: BRL 400 thousand

Alisson: BRL 150,000 (Grêmio pays another BRL 150,000)

Juan: BRL 40 thousand

Caio: BRL 40 thousand

Nahuel Bustos: BRL 720 thousand

Rogério Ceni does not appear on the list provided by Torcida Independente, but the coach reportedly earns around R$650,000 a month in salary, but the package including his assistants costs R$800,000 a month to São Paulo.

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