French fries can be made using artificial intelligence

French fries are one of the most famous side dishes of fast food snacks. The combination of the hamburger and the potato is usually the flagship of several of these restaurants. When you think about them, you imagine those very crispy, dry and perfect strips to eat, right? Do you know that this perfection can currently be done by robots that are commanded by artificial intelligence software? Stay to understand.

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Invasion of artificial intelligence in the world

It is possible to notice that technology has been invading all areas of our life. So it came as no surprise to many that AI has invaded restaurant kitchens across the United States to help teams. Companies such as Nala and Miso Robotics provide the service of renting these robots for up to US$ 2,800 a month. They are ideal for preparing French fries or chicken wings. The cost-benefit of these rentals is great, as they are worth almost half the amount paid to have a guy doing the same service.

Meet the robots

Nala Robotis has Wigman, which has the ability to prepare a wide variety of dishes at the same time. Within this preparation, the foods are individually seasoned and, after ready, are taken directly to the distribution part.

“Our technology is essential. It’s where we can cook an infinite variety of dishes and at the same time meet high consumer demand as labor shortages continue to challenge the industry around the world,” said Nala CEO Ajay Sunkara.

Flippy 2 is a creation of Miso Robotics, which is an expert in the preparation of French fries. The robot is like a large automated arm, which includes cameras and can also make its decisions through the use of artificial intelligence. Among its functions, it can fetch the food from the freezer, put it in the oil that has been preheated to the correct temperature and, when ready, remove it and serve it on platters.

Here in Brazil, it is still not possible to see these technological market updates, but the large fast food franchises already use robots in the kitchens of the United States. There are others, but to avoid creating problems with the public, companies keep their names private. If this new invention is considered a victory for companies, this replacement becomes a very worrying problem for men.

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