Grafite and Fábio Júnior highlight Tiquinho Soares’ differentials at Botafogo: ‘He doesn’t need the midfielder to serve him, he creates situations himself’

Seven games, six as a starter, four goals and five wins. The impact of Tiquinho Soares at the Botafogo was immediate, and the name of the new top scorer of Glorioso dominated the debates on TV this Monday. In the “Seleção SporTV” program, the shirt 9 alvinegro received praise from two great former strikers of Brazilian football: Graphite and Fabio Junior.

– I already followed Tiquinho in Portugal, when he played for Porto, he is a quality player. When Erison left, I kept asking myself: “Wow, did Botafogo send the guys’ goalkeeper away?” But this arrival of Tiquinho gave another level of performance to the attack. Erison has quality, a more disruptive style, but Tiquinho plays inside and outside the area, he makes the wall, creates situations for his teammates. Of all the signings made in the middle of the championship, Tiquinho is the pleasant surprise – highlighted Grafite.

Fábio Júnior also recalled the departure of Erison, who is still Botafogo’s top scorer in the season and was loaned to Estoril, highlighting the difference in characteristics between the two forwards.

– Tiquinho is a very resourceful striker, he can play outside the area, unlike Erison, who plays more inside the area, he is stronger. He manages to open up more space for the midfielders to come in, he’s that striker that we usually say doesn’t need the midfielder to serve him, he himself manages to create goal situations and finish. It is a pleasant surprise – said Fábio Júnior.

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