Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds appeal to fans; Know more!

Since it was reported that Hugh Jackman would be joining actor Ryan Reynolds in “deadpool 3” to play their famous character Wolverine, fans of both actors were abuzz and anxious at the likelihood of seeing Wolverine and Deadpool back together on screen after more than a decade of the event.

A few days ago, the duo got together and made an appeal to their fans on Twitter, asking them to share their photo captioned “Captions this”, with the hashtag “Throwback,” which appears to be a reference to Jackman and Reynolds’ return to the set of the new sequel film.

The photo was posted on Jackman’s official Twitter account and made his 14.9 million social media followers notice that both stars are having a little fun with their upcoming film, which is still in production and has yet to be released. premiere date.

In this context, recently released a report through which it informed that the photo posted by the actors is a marketing ploy that the actors found to promote the new film. In the photo, Jackman appears apparently brushing his teeth while Ryan Reynolds is fully dressed as Deadpool.

Another way for them to reach the public even more was by asking fans to share and caption their new photo, as in it apparently they are enjoying working together again after a fake social media fight, which made them two of the biggest stars in the world. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This post from the two generated several mentions on Twitter by director Shawn Levy. What was noted was that Jackman was cast in the third part of the “Deadpool” franchise, and Reynolds and Jackman made the announcement in a video that was widely publicized.

As we know, actor Hugh Jackman has starred as Wolverine in several iterations of the “X-Men” franchise since 2000, alongside a number of renowned actors, including Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Paquin.

Ryan Reynolds has played the R-rated character of “Deadpool” since 2016. Thus, we can say that Reynolds’ character has been one that has lasted much longer than was originally expected, as the actor, without hope of seeing his character extending into the MCU, he tried out several other roles for Marvel and DC Comics.

That’s because in the past, his career as Deadpool was threatened, including the “Green Lantern” box office bomb and an appearance in “Blade: Trinity.” He played Deadpool’s alter-ego Wade Wilson in 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, when it was the first time Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman appeared on the small screen together in a Marvel movie, starting since then. , their alleged rivalry.

As we can see, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem to be really enjoying seeing Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds back together and getting along on the set of “Deadpool 3”, as since the year 2009 apparently the two have a contentious dispute. , albeit false, on social media.

In short, it could be said that Jackman’s Twitter post is just one of the many ways the two are looking to promote “Deadpool 3”, which is slated (but not certain) to be released in theaters in September 2024.

Apparently, production is still underway and they’re filming the third installment in the “Deadpool” franchise, which means social media users can expect a lot more photos and videos coming from both stars.

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