Instagram is becoming more and more like TikTok and fans revolt

Recently, there was a confirmation by the Adam Mosserihead of Instagram which, apparently, will not be very encouraging for those users who have the posting of photos as a work tool or even those who do not have mastery over creating videos. Although this discourages many, estimates are that the app will become more and more similar to TikTok. Check out:

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I need to be honest. I truly believe that Instagram will have more videos over time. We saw this even when we didn’t make any changes. We saw it just from you looking [as publicações do] feed in chronological order”.

According to Mosseri, short videos are increasingly consuming the platform, as the public shows great appreciation for this content format. For him, this point became very visible when contemplating the number of likes, for example.

Although the head of the social network has defended the introduction of a large number of videos with each passing day, he also made a statement on a certain point, in which he stated the following: “Instagram will continue to support photos. That’s our inheritance”.

But, as not everything is flowers, even though the Instagram boss has made available a video about a certain subject, many super popular celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, are participating in a signed bass that has the slogan:

Make Instagram Instagram again”, that is, something like “Make Instagram go back to being Instagram”.

According to some reports, there are accusations that Meta’s social network is becoming more and more similar to TikTok and that it is prioritizing videos over photos.

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