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Who never used their cell phone while it was plugged in, charging? The practice is common and carries little risk, especially if it’s to respond to a message or check something quickly. Using it together with a powerbank (portable charger) is also safe, as long as it is certified.

This Sunday (9), An 18-year-old died after suffering an electrical shock while his cell phone was plugged in. According to information from the Municipal Hospital Dr. José da Rocha Furtado, family members found the boy unconscious inside the house, in the rural area of ​​the municipality. He was taken to the hospital, but had already died.

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There are some situations where you need to be more careful, as in times of rain. It is also a good idea to always opt for original cables and sources to avoid risk to life, for example.

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How to protect yourself when using your cell phone while it is charging — Photo: Daniel Ivanaskas/Arte g1

1. Unplug your cell phone during heavy and long-lasting rains

During storms, it is possible that lightning strikes the electrical network of the house, generating a great voltage that can reach the cell phone. There is a risk of shock if someone is using the phone.

Therefore, avoid using the device plugged into the socket during rain.

2. Use original charger and cables

The original chargers for smartphones and other electronic products are certified by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and have a seal.

They have components that maintain a very low voltage to give shock. It is the safest option to charge the device under any circumstances.

Parallel chargers that are not certified or recommended by the manufacturers themselves may not have some safety features, in addition to possibly passing more load than recommended.

Also avoid the use of adapters and be very careful with sockets with bad contact.

3. Also original battery

It is also important that the battery installed in the device is original. Parallel versions do not pass security certifications.

Keep an eye out for battery expansion – if you notice that the phone is “swollen” or that some part of the screen has lifted, stop using the phone and take it to a technical assistance. The chemical components of the battery can leak and even cause explosions.

Also keep an eye on the temperature.: If the device is getting hotter than normal, consult a specialist.

4. Do not leave your cell phone charging under a pillow

It is very important never to muffle the phone while it is charging. Therefore, do not leave the device under a pillow, blanket or even your body while it is plugged in.

This is because the device naturally heats up during charging and if it does not have adequate ventilation, can overheat and cause life-threatening battery problems such as explosions.

When you go to sleep, keep the device away from you and flammable objects. It’s important that you don’t get caught off guard or take great risks if a fire breaks out, for example. These are rare cases, but the precaution is key.

5. In case of a phone call, disconnect the cell phone from the charger

In the event of an accident and the appliance suffers an electrical discharge, it will not be close to your face. It’s also a good idea not to use wired headphones while charging.

6. Do not charge your cell phone in damp places, such as the bathroom.

For avoid shocks, do not place the phone to charge in damp places, such as near a sink, bathtub or shower. It’s also important do not connect or disconnect the charger with wet hands.

7. If the appliance is plugged in, try to wear rubber shoes

Rubber is a insulating material and can protect you from possible electric shocks.

Here are tips to keep your WhatsApp safe and avoid scams:

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