Job vacancies at Serasa Experian: see available opportunities

The resumption of economic growth is reflected in the increase in opportunities to work. In addition to benefits such as food stamps and health insurance, many companies now also offer vacancies in remote model. With that in mind, check out the job openings at Serasa Experian.

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Many people are afraid of ‘entering’ Serasa, but in the case of these opportunities there is no reason to be afraid.

Jobs at Serasa

Serasa Experian is a Brazilian subsidiary with the objective of analyzing credit information and works as a support for companies and businesses, as it contains a large database of consumers in Latin America.

In recent days, the company announced that it has 191 job openings for all of Brazil. As Serasa Experian seeks to improve the company’s technological base, 150 of these are for the technology and data area.

To promote inclusion and compliance with legal requirements, Serasa Experian offers 18 vacancies for people with disabilities. All of them are also for the field of technology.

The vacancies are intended for the areas of software development, data and infrastructure and testing. DataLab, the company’s data laboratory, will also hire people to work in Experian’s innovation area.

Home office is a differential in vacancies

With the intention of attracting qualified labor, Serasa Experian seeks to offer flexible working hours. In this model, the employee chooses the best working hours for himself, taking into account his needs. Another positive point is the allocation of 56 vacancies to work from home, in addition to the opportunities for a hybrid journey and a face-to-face model.

Those who wish to apply for one of the vacancies on a remote basis will receive allowance from the company to set up a work environment at home, in addition to an additional payment to pay for electricity and internet.

As the technology area requires constant improvement, the company provides access to platforms with several courses in the area, such as DataCamp and Pluralsight. In all, there are more than 7,000 courses available.

To check all available vacancies, just access the careers portal of Serasa Experian and select your field of activity.

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