Learn how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

Many users of Whatsapp are curious to know what was deleted for everyone in a chat, whether in a private conversation or in a group.

However, what many do not know is that, even after being deleted, these messages can be seen. For that, check out the step-by-step guide below.

How to view deleted messages for everyone?

To have access to the content that has been deleted, it is necessary that the user of the Whatsapp install another application to capture the information before it disappears from the messenger’s database.

First, it is important to point out that this application, although external, does not manipulate the terms of use of the Whatsapp. This is because, instead of accessing the messenger system, the application in question backs up the notifications received and which are registered on the device for a while.

It is, therefore, WARM, a completely free app that can be found on the Google Play Store, available only for Android devices.

It is worth noting that the application only works when the user is out of the conversation and receives notifications. In addition, the app allows access to deleted audios, photos, messages, videos and gifs.

WhatsApp will help those who have groups alone with a new tool

WABetaInfo, a portal specialized in anticipating news about the Whatsapp, announced that the platform aims to implement a feature for users of the platform. Now, according to information from the portal, the idea is to launch a personal chat for users to “talk” to each other.

At first, the tool was a big request from the public, who criticized the lack of a tab to save private matters. The expectation is now that the novelty will be released in the next few days.

WhatsApp will help those who have groups alone with personal chat

First of all, it is important to remember that Meta has already started testing the feature, however, there is no prediction of when the personal chat on whatsapp will be available. In summary, the function will work as an individual chat, which can be fixed like any other conversation.

End of lonely groups

Typically, users of Whatsapp usually create a group with just one person (their own contact) and use it to send information and personal data. In this way, with the new feature it is possible that this habit is ended once and for all. An excellent tool, isn’t it?

How to react messages with any emoji?

It was recently released to the Whatsapp a new option to react to messages using any emoji. The feature is an update from the previous version, which limited the use of only six figures.

In addition to being able to react to a message, be it text, photo, video, audio or file, with any emoji, the user will also be able to use different skin tones according to the capacity of the sticker.

To check if the news has reached you, just press for a few seconds on a message. If a ‘+’ sign appears as a seventh option, it means that the feature is already available in your app.

On the button, you can select the desired emoji or even search for the magnifying glass icon. As usual, the functionality is being released gradually, so it is possible that it will take a while to arrive on your device.

How to mute people on WhatsApp?

With the group call of the Whatsapp in progress, press and hold for a few seconds on the icon of the participant you want to mute. When the selection box appears, tap “Mute [nome da pessoa]”.

Immediately, the audio the other person will no longer be heard on the call. When this happens, she will be notified of the action along with an instruction on how to undo the deactivation. Just tap the microphone button (at the bottom of the screen).

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