List with the 400 applications created to steal your passwords on your cell phone. What can you do?

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Last Friday (7), Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, announced that it had identified a list of more than 400 applications designed to steal login information from Facebook users. Malicious apps that can steal passwords target both Android and iOS users.

During a press conference, cybersecurity team director David Agranovich assured that potential victims would be notified. “We’re going to warn a million people that they may have been exposed to these apps, which doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been hacked.”

Among the more than 400 malicious apps identified in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store were photo editor apps such as those that recently took to the internet by turning people into cartoons, horoscope apps, health and lifestyle, games 3D, apps that allow navigation on blocked sites, among others.

According to the company, once installed on the phone, the applications ask the user for Facebook credentials so that they can use the features. “They tried to encourage people’s confidential information to be given out, to allow hackers to access their accounts,” explained Agranovich, who added that the app’s developers were not limited to Facebook passwords.

Learn about essential security measures to protect your Facebook and other accounts

For Facebook users who have had their data stolen, some measures can help to reverse the situation, learn what to do:

  • have different passwords for each application;
  • create strong passwords using uppercase and lowercase letters, in addition to numbers and special characters, dispense with birthdays or names of people;
  • use two-factor authentication, 2FA;
  • use a password manager to store your credentials.

In addition to the measures that you user may have, in a released note, Meta stated that it is taking the necessary measures. “We have reported our findings to Apple and Google and are helping potentially impacted people learn more about how to stay safe and protect their accounts.”

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