McDonald’s starts accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

O McDonalds – one of the largest networks of fast food in the world – began to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The adoption of electronic money comes amid a time of tension for this market. The project, called “Plan B”, was created in partnership with the company/platform Tether and the city of Lugano, located in Switzerland.

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To make this possible, a partnership was also signed with GoCrypto to officially take the possibility of payment in Bitcoin (BTC) and others cryptocurrencies.

For now, the project is limited to the commune of Lugano, an Italian-influenced region in Switzerland with 63,000 inhabitants. The place could become the key point for the implementation of cryptocurrencies in Western Europe.

Payment for snacks with cryptocurrencies

To introduce the implementation of the novelty, a one-minute video features a person ordering a snack at a McDonald’s kiosk and paying the bill using a mobile app. The record was published on Bitcoin Magazine’s Twitter profile on October 3.

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In addition to McDonald’s, Lugano offers cryptocurrency payments at dozens of businesses in the region, including art galleries. In March of this year, the city announced that it would accept as legal tender the BitcoinO tether it’s the LVGA token to the entire population.

Expansion of the service in the future

The residents of Lugano will be able to pay not only for snacks in the fast food using cryptocurrencies as well as taxes, fines for parking in the wrong place, school fees and public services. It is expected that more than 200 stores and companies will soon accept this form of payment.

Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer at Tether and the Bitfinex exchange, declared that “Plan B” is going well. And to ensure the good use of the service, an educational activity about cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be applied to the inhabitants of Lugano.

It is worth noting that the city was not the first place in the world to adopt Biticoin as a legal tender. Since September 2021, the country of El Salvador had already adopted this payment system, in what could be a big step for the future.

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