Oklahoma bans million-dollar transfer to hospitals that gender transition children

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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.| Photo: Playback / Twitter

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a law on Tuesday that provides for millionaire transfers to the state’s health system to be made only to hospitals that do not provide treatment or care related to gender transition in children. .

“By signing this law, we are taking the first step to protect children from permanent gender transition surgeries and therapies,” Stitt said in a statement. “It is extremely inappropriate for taxpayers’ money to be used to condone, promote or perform these types of controversial procedures on healthy children.”

The bill was created after Republican lawmakers decided to restrict the destination of $108 million in federal funds to the state’s health care system, OU Health, last week.

Conservative lawmakers ruled that the state group of hospitals would only receive these funds, including $39.4 million for a new pediatric mental health facility, if the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma stopped offering “affirmation” care. of gender”.

These funds are part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which serves to boost the economy and strengthen medical care during the coronavirus pandemic.

An Oklahoma pediatrician who treats transgender youth in the region said she believes all hormone therapies and surgery will cease: “To receive this treatment, they will now have to leave the state,” said Shauna Lawlis.

Two podcasters Americans contributed to accelerating the movement of Republican lawmakers and the signing of the governor of Oklahoma. Mark Ousley asked his 20,000 Twitter followers and podcast listeners to ask lawmakers to withhold federal money from OU Health. Podcaster Megan Fox also posted about the calls she made to lawmakers and provided her 23,000 Twitter followers with guidance on how to do the same.

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