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Enrollment on Páginas Roxas, Nubank’s service and product announcement platform, closes today, October 10th. Pre-registrations were carried out in two periods announced by fintech: September 15th to September 28th and October 5th to October 10th. All customers can register in the catalog.

Purple Pages make small business ads available to fintech customers completely free of charge. With the platform, it is possible to find items from different sectors according to the category.

In the last few days, more than a thousand businesses have signed up.

Inscription on the Purple Pages

To register on the platform, you must have a Nubank account. Registration is done in two steps through the website.

In the first one, just inform your name, CPF, company name and CNPJ. It is essential that the company document is regularized. After that moment, the fintech will carry out an analysis, based on the regulation, and will inform the customer about the next steps.

In the second step, data such as: product or service category, region, service and contacts, among other information, will be requested. If the customer is not approved, the bank will notify you.

The answers will be sent to the e-mail registered in the Nubank account. Therefore, it is important to check which address is available in the bank’s application. If the customer no longer has access, the change must be made directly on the fintech platform.

Who can apply to the Purple Pages?

Both PJ and PF clients of Nubank can sign up for Páginas Roxas. However, the company must have been open for more than 90 days. In cases where the business has more than one partner, the registration must be made by the managing partner.

Purple Pages

The Purple Pages are a catalog, a kind of classifieds, in which customers advertise their products and services to Nubank users completely free of charge.

The platform is divided into categories and subcategories such as beauty, health, sports, crafts, food and many others.

In addition, it offers stories from entrepreneurs so customers can be inspired. They are in the Highlights of the catalog.

Fintech’s goal is to offer the possibility for clients to publicize their work and get to know other businesses in just one place.

It is worth mentioning that financial transactions will not be carried out within the platform. When liking a service or product, the customer will be forwarded to the business page or website to complete the purchase.

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