There is no comparison: Ceni’s work deserves much more criticism than Diniz’s – 10/10/2022

After a bad weekend for São Paulo and Fluminense, many people started to criticize the work of Rogério Ceni and Fernando Diniz, putting the two on the same level, especially because in theory they both like to “play with the ball”. But, looking at it coldly, there is no comparison: the former goalkeeper has a much worse season than the former striker for several reasons.

To begin with, the investment made by the Morumbi team is much greater. Spending what they can’t while they still owe their own squad and increasing their debt, São Paulo would be able to present a much better season than the current one. Despite being pretty irresponsible from a management point of view, looking at the squad, what is shown on the field could be better.

And then it’s even strange that Rogério Ceni keeps asking for reinforcements and putting his stay depending on the arrival of new names. How can an athlete who knows so well the history and the current difficulties insist on asking for more investments if until the other day he was regretting the difficulties of managing a squad that has athletes with back wages?

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Fernando Diniz has a much inferior squad in his hand, to train in a worse structure and manages to be well ahead in the Brasileirão. It’s curious how in the case of the technician everything goes from heaven to hell in a few seconds. First, he deserved to be in the national team and he was the best in the country. Then he gets cursed and deserves to be fired. Once again, analyzing it coldly, Fluminense’s position in the table is great.

Diniz boosted Manoel’s game, has Cano as the country’s top scorer, Paulo Henrique Ganso being praised as he hadn’t been for almost a decade and made the fan miss even Nonato, who until recently was given as any other.

Ceni participated in the entire assembly of this cast and is more to blame for the imbalance than Diniz, who joined in the middle of the season to try to turn the key of a team that started the year well at State, but then had a drop in production.

Looking at the table today, it is very likely that Fluminense will get a spot in the Libertadores, even more so if the G-6 becomes G-8. Not only because of the points, but because of what he can show on the field. Meanwhile, despite also being able to be in this group looking only at the points, it is difficult to believe that São Paulo will manage to reach these positions due to the atmosphere in Morumbi.

And then nothing is by chance. While Fluminense tries to clean up the house with Mario Bittencourt, getting the bills up to date even if it has to give up their talents to do so, São Paulo sees not only the debt increase, but also its leaders with projects to remain in power, changing the statute so that an unforeseen re-election takes effect.

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