“This victory is bigger than our 2nd Major”, says fer

The script behind the victory that earned the Imperial for the IEM Major Rio 2022 was not only remarkable for the community of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). According to ferthe triumph for two The 1 on top of Complexitywhich took place this Sunday (9), has a greater weight than the title of ESL One Cologne 2016 – the second Major obtained by him, FalleN and fnx alongside TACO and coldzera, both currently in 00Nation.

“That the first one is difficult because the first one was very marked, but I think the second major, if I were to compare it only with this victory here… for me this victory here is bigger than the second major we won. I would switch if I had to switch. That was absurd. surreal”opined fer in a post-game chat with the streamer lime on the live of Gaulspartner of Omelet.


Soon after, it was time to falleN also give your opinion on the size and importance of the victory. Indirectly, he agreed with fer and even went further: he believes that the conquest and classification are another Major title for Brazil.

“I can say that this victory today is between the two majors. It was a lot more fun, a lot more intense and a lot harder than winning the second major. For me it was a great victory. This here was our third major, you know? As it turned out, fnx had to leave the team for chelo to join and no one knew why. The guy [chelo] saved us on the third map for the Major. Things you start to think about in life’s coincidences”said FalleN also in conversation with Liminha on the Gaules stream.

The IEM Rio Major 2022 takes place between October 31 and November 13, first at the Rio Centro Amphitheater and then at the Jeunesse Arena. There, 24 teams fight for the most coveted title in CS:GO and also for most of the prize pool of US$ 1.2 million (about R$ 6.5 million at the current price).

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