WhatsApp announces new controversial feature; know what will change in the app

WhatsApp will allow you to forget about the exaggerations of the previous day thanks to a relaxation of the rules regarding the deletion of messages. It will now be possible to make a message disappear up to 48 hours after sending it. Do you regret a WhatsApp message sent a little too late yesterday? Good news, you now have up to two days to hide your mistakes.

The instant messaging app — a company owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta — has indeed announced on Twitter that the deadline for deleting a message from a conversation has just been increased from one hour to just over two days (2 days and twelve hours precisely). ).

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More time for you to delete messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free and secure instant messenger that lets you keep in touch with all your friends or family by voice, video and text. You can download and install it on all platforms. This feature comes at a time when WhatsApp is trying to reinvent itself so as not to be left behind by the competition. The application also tries to forget the controversy regarding its general conditions of use, which continues to be discussed smoothly.

To delete a message within those two days, nothing too scientific: go to the conversation in question, long-tap the message you really didn’t like to send, and then click on the little trash can in the upper right corner. If your message is recent enough, a “Delete for All” option should appear in the pop-up window. In three clicks, the message will disappear into Internet limbo for your delight. Erasing it from the recipients’ memory is another story, however.

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The news came out through the social network account on Twitter.

Namely: however the functionality comes with a small problem. All participants in the conversation must be using the latest version of WhatsApp for the message to disappear everywhere. As the website’s help page clarifies, “you won’t get a notification if deleting a message to everyone doesn’t work”.

Photos, GIFs and other media are also automatically copied to recipients’ phones. In this case, deleting the message from the conversation does not mean that the photo has disappeared from everywhere. So be careful, this feature is not a foolproof wildcard.

Even so, this extra time offered by WhatsApp is more generous than that of many other services. In Signal, for example, it is only possible to delete a message 3 hours after sending it. As for Apple’s iMessage (in its opt-out beta version), it’s only a few minutes. Telegram, on the other hand, allows you to delete messages with no time limit (in private conversations) and also offers a 48-hour delay for group conversations. It is now possible to make a message disappear up to 48 hours after it was sent.

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