WhatsApp: the cancellation of purchases and the new SAC rules

WhatsApp has become more than a network for communication, as it is a sales channel important for several companies in the current market.

WhatsApp: the cancellation of purchases and the new SAC rules

Therefore, it is important that companies and consumers know how to deal with the rules related to this type of service and sales, especially when it comes to canceling products or services.

The rules related to customer service have been reformulated and, therefore, have a new term, which started on October 3, 2022. However, the current text follows the same indication and regulation of 2008, which already provided for the cancellation request by the same means available for contracting the service or for the purchase of the product.

Cancellation must be immediate

The ease for the consumer is due to the rule around immediacy when it comes to cancellation. That is, the company must cancel the product immediately, regardless of default.

The new rules of SAC (Customer Service) are valid for companies regulated by the Federal Government, considering banks and operators. stherefore, they are valid rules for the service of fixed and mobile telephony; Cable TV; Financial Institution; insurance brokers; health plan operators; credit card; airlines and electric utilities.

About unrecognized charges

In addition to immediate cancellations, companies are now required to suspend payment when the customer does not recognize the amount; which was already a customer’s right, however, especially credit operators, needed a certain period to carry out an internal analysis, and some companies exceeded the period of 15 days.

Companies must provide different channels

In addition, companies need to adapt customer service so that there is a person available for at least 8 hours a day; while it is necessary for the company to maintain open communication for 24 hours; what makes it viable for a company to acquire a technology omnichannel for your business, as WhatsApp is one of the viable options in the system.

Although the rules are strict for companies, they have become more flexible regarding the deadline for complaints. Since companies have a period of seven calendar days to respond, previously this period was five days.

Senacon Monitoring

In addition, the new SAC (Customer Service) rules removed the obligation to transfer a cancellation call in just one minute. From then on, regulatory bodies will monitor complaints, which has also changed, as previously this monitoring was directed by the consumer.gov platform.

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