Woman discovers pregnancy BEFORE exams using Apple Watch; how is this possible?

A report from a Reddit user last week caught the attention of thousands of people. According to the netizen, her Apple Watch – an Apple watch model – was the one who provided the first signs that she was pregnant. The most interesting thing is that the device does not have an exact mechanism to detect pregnancy. So how did it happen? According to the woman, the device informed her that she had an accelerated heart rate.

At first, she even thought she might have COVID-19, whose early symptoms also include a rapid heartbeat. However, the test for COVID was negative. Then, after further research, she discovered that it could be an early sign of pregnancy. Upon seeing her doctor and getting a test, she confirmed that she was 4 weeks pregnant. Follow up!

Device gathers curious reports. (Photo: Publicity).

Apple Watch helps woman discover pregnancy

Here’s what the user said about the case:

“I know this might be an unusual use for the watch, but if you’re a woman of childbearing age and your watch shows an increased Heart Rate (HR), it might be worth testing.”

In addition to measuring heart rate, Apple’s smart watch offers other tools that can send signals of pregnancy. The Cycle Tracking app, for example, allows you to analyze the menstrual cycle and control fertile periods.

The new devices go even further. Namely, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra have body temperature sensor, which can also contribute to fertile period predictions and cycle control.

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Notable cases involving the Apple Watch

This is not the first time the Apple Watch has resonated with seemingly dubious cases. Another striking case happened in 2020, also in the United States. At the time, the clock helped a police officer who was stabbed. He needed to contact the corporation’s Communications Center shortly after receiving the blows. The device allowed the ambulance to be sent to the exact place of the incident thanks to the help of the location provided by the watch’s GPS.

And there’s more. In 2019, for example, an American named James was doing a trail that involved rock climbing. By carelessness, he ended up slipping and falling off a cliff. In an interview after the rescue, he said he believed he would have died had the fall detection technology not identified and issued the alerts that enabled his rescue and emergency response. The device even warned his mother about the fall.

Finally, this same fall detection feature also proved to be relevant to assist in the lives of the elderly. One of the cases was that of Jim Salsman, 92, who fell from a ladder almost 6 meters high. According to broadcaster KETV, the accident was identified by the device, which sent an alert to the region’s emergency service.

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