Allies see Bolsonaro’s ‘serious political error’ in new threats to the STF | Blog do Valdo Cruz

Interlocutors of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) evaluated the blog that it was a “serious political mistake” for the reelection candidate to make new threats to the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

The president often attacks court ministers and, last week, he said he received a proposal to increase the number of ministers from 11 to 16. In practice, if the proposal is approved and if Bolsonaro is re-elected, he will be able to appoint six more ministers, bringing the number of STF members appointed by him to eight, which would give a majority in the plenary.

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Valdo Cruz: Allies see Bolsonaro's 'serious political error' in new threats to the STF

Valdo Cruz: Allies see Bolsonaro’s ‘serious political error’ in new threats to the STF

For Bolsonaro interlocutors, the threat raises concern and could cost votes in the second round. In the first round, Bolsonaro got 51 million votes, while former president Lula (PT) got 57 million votes.

Privately, an aide to Bolsonaro told the blog that, in order to surpass Lula, Bolsonaro needs to seek the vote of the moderate voter, who considers himself to be of the center and who takes a stand against threats to democracy and institutions.

“It’s a serious political mistake. He gets excited because his followers like this speech, but that doesn’t give him any more votes, it takes away”, said this adviser.

The proposal that increases the number of STF ministers will only become effective if it is approved in two rounds in the Chamber of Deputies and in two more rounds in the Senate and if it obtains the support of at least three-fifths of the parliamentarians (308 of the 513 deputies and 49 of the 81 senators).

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This Sunday (9), the president said he can discard the proposal.

Members of the STF point out, however, that Bolsonaro just follows the Constitution.

“He issues unconstitutional measures and then complains that the STF is not letting him govern. Just follow the Constitution for everything to be calm”, he evaluated to the blog a minister of the Supreme.

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