Belarus president accuses Ukraine of preparing an attack against his country – News

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko accused Ukraine on Monday of preparing an attack against his country, for which he announced the deployment of joint troops with Russia, without saying where.

“Yesterday, through unofficial channels, we were alerted about an attack being prepared from Ukrainian territory against Belarus,” he said, quoted by state news agency Belta, assuring that Ukraine wanted to make a “second Crimean bridge”, referring to the attack on the partially destroyed Russian bridge on Saturday (8).

Lukashenko added that he had conveyed the message to the Ukrainian president “not to touch even one meter of Belarusian territory with your dirty hands.”

He also reported that last week, he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to send a joint military contingent, without specifying where or how many men would be involved.

“Due to the worsening situation on the Union’s (Russia-Belarus) western borders, we have agreed to implement a regional grouping of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus,” Lukashenko said.

“If you want peace, prepare for war,” added the president, stating that “there should be no war on the territory of Belarus.”

Belarus is a major ally of Russia in the conflict with Ukraine and allowed Russian troops to pass through its territory at the beginning of the offensive against Ukraine, but its army has so far not participated in the fighting.

Russia takes revenge after bridge explosion, attacks Ukraine with missiles, leaves dozens dead in Kiev

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