Bolsonaro pastor becomes a joke on the networks after spreading fake news about Lula

Evangelical Pastor André Valadão
Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

Evangelical pastor André Valadão, supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), shared last Sunday (9) news about Colombia, currently governed by progressive Gustavo Pedro, having approved the union of adults with minors from 14 years old.

“Does anyone have a daughter!? Sister!? Niece!? People! To vote for this left is to attack, invade, destroy… Our country will not be red”, wrote the Bolsonarista.

However, the attempt to attack Lula did not work, as the news he shared was actually an August 2021 Colombian Supreme Court decision, when the country was still ruled by the right-wing Ivan Duque.

In the comments, netizens detonated the pastor after the fake news. “Pastor, what is the left’s relationship with this news? According to the source you used, the decision was made by the Supreme Court of Colombia, in August 2021 and when the president was Ivan Duque, a right-wing politician! Did you omit this on purpose? It would not be a Christian attitude,” said a profile on the social network.

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