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Botafogo is in the market looking for sponsorships that make sense in the new SAF reality. If before the way to count on partnerships was something essential for the club to be able to pay bills, the current scenario is different. The club negotiates with several banks to be able to find the one that best suits the alvinegra reality.

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Nilton Santos Stadium, from Botafogo — Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

A post by Banco Inter on Twitter left black and white fans curious about the word game used on the social network. The financial institution left the flea behind its ear when revealing that it is about to close with a traditional team from Rio de Janeiro. Adjective that alvinegros often use to refer to the heart club.

The ge contacted Banco Inter and Botafogo to ask about the speculation. The group has partnerships with Athletico-PR and Arena MRV, the future stadium of Atlético-MG, which is financed by Rubens Menin, father of the bank’s CEO, João Victor Menin. However, he did not respond when the report contacted him.

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Davi Barros talks about Botafogo's victory over São Paulo

Davi Barros talks about Botafogo’s victory over São Paulo

There are conversations between Banco Inter and Botafogo, but not as advanced. People involved in the negotiation said that there is no deal about to close, but that negotiations are taking place. For a few weeks now, the club has been talking to several companies in the banking sector, considered very important in the field of football. Some have already been discarded halfway through, but others are still on the table.

While a bank can sponsor several different teams, the same cannot happen with a club, which has only one company per segment. Precisely for this reason, Bota treats with caution and analyzes the proposals they have available to try to reach what is best for the club. The intention is to listen to the largest possible number of suitors to understand what the market offers and, then, hit the hammer.

Botafogo does not just consider the possibility of sponsorship as something profitable. The club was at the World Football Summit, football’s most important trade fair, and Bota was displayed to potential partners as a “media platform”. So much so that the exposure on the shirt, pure and simple – as it was a few years ago – is no longer the norm in agreements between clubs and companies.

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